Environment Policy

Environmental Policy

Global Sky Group is a leading international provider of custom solutions in education, food and beverage and wind engineering, with an emphasis on developing, operating and managing community hubs. Based on our group philosophy, “Connecting the world for a brighter future”, we strive to add value to the global communities in which we operate. Our environmental policy is based on these principles, with the aim of deploying clean technologies that ensure a balance between protecting the planet which we live on (environmental capacity) and allowing for human activities (environmental burden).

Recognising that environmental issues are vital to our long-term sustainability, we have established the following Environmental Principles:

* Global Sky Group will continuously improve our in-house environmental management systems and practice ecological business operations;
* We will develop and provide products and services utilising clean technologies with our clients for sustainable development;
* We will comply with legal requirements and strive to prevent any environmental pollution, and we will take action to conserve energy, save resources and live in harmony with nature;
* We will communicate with all of our stakeholders to enhance environmental awareness as a responsible member of the global community.


Managing Director, Global Sky Group