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Global Sky Group is a leading international provider of custom solutions in education, food and beverage and wind engineering, with an emphasis on developing, operating and managing community hubs. Based on our group philosophy, “Connecting the world for a brighter future”, we strive to add value to the global communities in which we operate.

Global Sky Group operations encompass:





Custom solutions:

We are a solution provider that provides completely customised solutions to our clients, developing and operating community hubs based on the characteristics and needs of each locality. We strive to offer the very highest standard of products and services throughout our business.

Global operations:

Global Sky is a global business, with operations in various countries including Japan, Oceania and North America. As a global operator, we offer a range of solutions that foster the development of community hubs, assisting in the building of global communities and communication.

Human resources development:

Community development starts with people. We aim to help foster human resources development, using our modern facilities to provide leading education and training programs to connect local communities with the world. Key to this is the personal development of our staff, who are highly trained with advanced skills in cross-cultural awareness and fostering diversity.


Learn more about our community hubs around the world.


Global Sky Education (GSE) operates childcare centres (early learning centres) at 10 locations in Australia and one in New Zealand. Children can put their inquisitive minds into action in our high-quality education programs, which are based on successful child-centred learning policies.

GSE also has an international focus, with a number of childcare trainees and parent-child study abroad participants from Japan who provide information about different cultures and dietary programs for the benefit of the children.

In Japan, Global Sky Education is an educational solution provider that fosters highly skilled global resources vital to the future.

About Childcare Centres
GSE - An Educational Solution provider

Southport Child Care Centre

Located at Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Southport Child Care Centre (SCC) has been successfully redeveloped by Global Sky Group into a leading childcare provider. Importantly, the centre has been awarded the highest government quality rating of ‘Exceeding’ under Australia’s National Quality Standard.

The centre is open Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6:00pm, accommodating children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old. SCC has a culturally diverse mix of children, including not only Australian nationals but also kids from the Middle East, Asia and Japan, offering the opportunity for greater international understanding and cross-cultural awareness.

One of the benefits of the SCC’s redevelopment by Global Sky has been a new kitchen, which offers meal services for children based on a dietary program developed by experts. The kitchen has been awarded a 5 star rating by the Gold Coast City Council.

・Address: 190-200 Scarborough Street Southport QLD 4215
・Enrolment capacity: 105 children
・Facility outline: Two storey building (Site Area 2,627 m2, Building area 877 m2), large playground, kitchen (for meal service and dietary education), vegetable garden, car park, solar power facility.
・URL: https://www.southportchildcare.com.au/

Morphett Vale Childcare Centre

One of Adelaide’s oldest church ruins has been transformed into Morphett Vale’s newest childcare centre, converting an historic place of worship into a centre for children’s educational development.

Officially opened in July 2017, the centre caters for children aged from six weeks to school age. The church dates from 1856 and as a heritage-listed property, the redevelopment has been sensitive to the church’s unique character and history.

Consistent with Global Sky’s Australian childcare operations, the centre is staffed and run locally, with a focus on employing qualified and experienced childcare educators from within the community.

・Address: 37 William Street, Morphett Vale, SA 5162
・Enrolment capacity: 75 children
・Facility outline: Single storey building (site area 2,100m2, building area 550m2), 4 playgrounds, garden, car park
・URL: https://www.morphettvalechildcarecentre.com.au/

Taranganba Early Learning Centre

Located in the resort town of Yeppoon, Australia, the Taranganba Early Learning Centre is a leading provider of early childhood education, operating in partnership with the nearby Cedar Avenue Early Learning Centre (also operated by the Global Sky Group).

The centres have been furnished with the latest equipment, where we aim to far exceed the government standards by implementing QIP (quality improvement plan); especially providing high-quality, child-centred educational programs and strengthening cooperation with the local community.

・Address: 83 Taranganba Road, Taroomball, QLD 4703
・Enrolment capacity: 191 children
・Facility outline: Single storey building (site area 4,109 m2, building area 695 m2), large yard, kitchen, vegetable garden, car park, solar power facility.

Kauri Learners Early Education Centre Whitianga

Kauri Learners Early Education Centre Whitianga (KLEEC Whitianga) is Global Sky’s first early learning centre in New Zealand. Located at Whitianga, a resort town on the North Island, the centre provides high quality educational programs based on our student-centred learning philosophy.

KLEEC Whitianga also offers a unique agricultural experience at its nearby farm, along with a dietary cultural exchange. The centre is jointly operated by Sunnyside International School (based in Gifu Prefecture, Japan) and Global Sky.

・Address: 16 South Highway, Whitianga, New Zealand
・Enrolment capacity: 30 children
・Facility outline: Single storey building (Site Area 845 m2, Building area 195 m2), playground, off-campus farm, car park, vegetable garden
・URL: http://www.kaurilearners.com/


Global Sky offers gourmet diners the best of Oceania cuisine through our high-quality Tokyo/U.S. restaurant chain and specialty wine/liquor imports. We currently own and operate 2 restaurants in Tokyo and 2 restaurants in Honolulu, via our subsidiary Winetree’s professional team. These restaurants are available for a range of functions, including seminars and other events, serving as community hubs.


Located on the 39th floor of Yebisu Garden Place building in upscale Ebisu, ‘South’ offers sweeping views of the Tokyo skyline, with a menu focused on Australian and New Zealand seafood along with matching high-quality wines from these noteworthy ‘New World’ producers. The restaurant also offers a salad buffet with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, thanks to a collaboration with Shunpachi, a greengrocer that specialises in seasonal produce.

・Location: 39F, Ebisu Garden Place, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Facility outline: Dining (66 seats), private rooms, media and acoustic equipment for functions
・URL: https://south-ebisu.tokyo/


Based on the fifth floor of Tokyo’s prestigious Shin-Marunouchi Building, ‘Zealander’ offers a delicious seafood and meat bounty mainly from New Zealand. Zealander provides diners with a gourmet experience of quintessential Kiwi foods, combining food recipes and spices from around the world and serving modern tapas and grilled foods.

・Location: 5F, Shin-Marunouchi Building, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Facility outline: Dining (46 seats)
・URL: https://zealander.tokyo/

italica Bar & Cafe

italica Bar & Cafe

Located on the ground floor of “Velocity Honolulu” in the vibrant Ward and Kakaako area of Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A. We are approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Ala Moana Shopping Center and facing several famous public amenities such as the Neal S. Blaisdell Center, the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, etc. Our superb location makes it so convenient to drop by before and/or after a concert or event. “Velocity Honolulu” is a high-end shopping complex primarily for dealerships of luxury cars, e.g. Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

・Location: 888 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu Hawaii U.S.A. (1F)
・Facility outline: indoor 35 seats, terrace 28 seats



On the second floor of “Velocity Honolulu”, the same building where “italica Bar & Cafe” is located. Viaggio is a fine dining Italian restaurant. Viaggio means “journey” in Italian. Our concept is to offer a culinary journey of Italian cuisine using fresh local ingredients with a decidedly Hawaiian flair allowing you to experience the marvelous fusion of these two cultures. Although next to a luxury car dealership, we offer a relaxed atmosphere for casual dining.

・Location: 888 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu Hawaii U.S.A. (2F)
・Facility 80 seats (Bar 14 seats, Dining 54 seats, Private Room 12 seats)

Wind engineering center

Global Sky group company, Wind Engineering Centre (Windec) has more than 30 years’ experience in the wind engineering industry, having installed and maintained around 50 wind tunnels at over 30 locations. It is Japan’s leading company in the experimental geomodel sector, with 70% of the domestic market. For wind tunnels and geomodels, Windec has earned an unrivalled reputation for excellence throughout the industry.

About Windec

Queensland Business Centre

Queensland Business Centre (QBC) is a home away from home in Tokyo for hard-working business travellers and entrepreneurs. Operated by Global Sky, QBC provides a range of office facilities, including a conference room and virtual office, with market entry services including marketing assistance and business networking along with translation and interpreting, bilingual secretarial staff and administrative support.

QBC aims to strengthen international business ties and investment with mutually beneficial relationships in various fields such as resources, food, tourism, education and medicine.

・Address: Level 33, Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
・Facility Outline: Business lounge, meeting room, lockers and concierge desk
・URL: https://www.qbconline.com/


Talk to us about the solutions we can offer in developing and enhancing community hubs. Global Sky provides not only physical locations, but also a range of services that add value to the local community.

1. Development/redevelopment of facilities

We can completely manage all aspects of the development/redevelopment of facilities used as community hubs, such as planning, design, permit acquisition, construction, and finance. Our motto is building the best place, with the best services, from the local area.

2. School Operation and Management

We manage and operate multiple domestic and foreign childcare centres, language schools, and vocational training schools where we provide quality educational programs and a strong learning environment in order to strengthen global cooperation.

3. Developing Educational Solution for Companies / Schools

In combination with our global early childhood education, Global Sky Education is an educational solution provider that fosters highly skilled global resources vital to the future. For more information, please visit this Global Sky Education

4. Parent-child Study Abroad

Why not take a study holiday abroad with your child? Global Sky’s Hello Kids program allows parents and children to try out enrolment in one of our directly operated childcare centres in Australia and New Zealand. For more information, please visit this link.

5. Restaurant Operations/Outsourced Operations

Backed by the experience of our leading Terra restaurant chain, we can provide a one-stop shop for restaurant owners. Our service encompasses overall management, menu development, ingredients, personnel training, and even inbound sightseeing support.

6. Wine/Liquor Product Planning, Import, Export, and Sales

Winetree is a leading importer/exporter and wholesaler of premium wine, whisky, and gin from countries all over the world, focusing mainly on Australia/New Zealand. We are also an importer/exporter of private brand products for hotels, restaurant chains, and mass retailers. For more information, please visit this link.

7. Design/Construction of Experimental Wind Tunnels

Wind Engineering Center CO., Ltd. (Windec) is Japan’s leading wind engineering company, focusing on the design, construction, and maintenance of experimental wind tunnels. Windec currently has 70% of the domestic market, where it specialises in the construction and sale of experimental wind tunnels for architecture and providing the solutions necessary for experiments and training involving wind tunnels. For more information, please visit this link.

8. Energy Conservation

We aim to contribute to the development of renewable energy in local areas through activities such as the implementation of reusable energy sources, LED light fixtures, and central air-conditioning control systems, which help improve the efficiency of air cooling/heating systems.

9. Business Centre Operations

Our Queensland Business Centre co-working space is a home away from home in Tokyo for business travellers and entrepreneurs from Japan and abroad, while we also offer a range of consulting services to support market entry. For more information, please visit this link.

10. Immigration Support

This VIP service includes support for visa acquisition, investments, and property for individuals and businesses seeking to invest in Oceania or North America. For more information, please visit this link.

11. Translation, Interpretation, and Research

We provide translation/interpretation services for various areas, including business documentation, contracts/agreements, instruction manuals, and presentation documents. Our services benefit from our highly skilled bilingual staff (including doctorate or masters degree holders), who can provide the latest research on policies, manufacturing, and corporate strategy in English-speaking countries.

12. Events/Seminars

Our event management service takes advantage of our premium restaurants and other facilities, handling both the planning and operation of a range of events including seminars.


Group Philosophy


“Connecting the world for a brighter future”

Global Sky Group provides customised solutions with a particular emphasis on developing, operating and managing community hubs. Based on our group philosophy, “Connecting the world for a brighter future,” we strive to add value to the global communities in which we operate.


Our vision is Being a value-creation partner for global communities, with the following CLEAR values:

“Long-term view”
“Advanced ideas”
“Respecting people and nature”

Top Message

Global Sky: Being a value-creation partner for global communities.

Global Sky Group operates a range of community hubs such as schools and restaurants globally, providing a wide variety of custom solutions for the communities in which we operate that help foster enhanced communication.

We endeavor to be a value-creation partner for global communities, improving facilities and providing top-quality products and services under the slogan, “In pursuit of the best facility, quality and reputation.” We also put priority on sharing best practice standards, embedding environmental responsibility throughout our facilities and business processes, and developing global human capital.

In our third medium-term management plan for CY2018-20, we set a major pillar: “Enhance custom solutions”. Based on our group philosophy of “Connecting the world for a brighter future,” we aim to be a leading global operator of community hubs in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular emphasis on providing niche and high-quality solutions in education, wind engineering and food and beverage businesses in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all our stakeholders for your loyal support and patronage, as we work to build a brighter future for all.

Founder and Managing director, Global Sky Group

Ko Nagata

Ko Nagata is the founder and managing director of Global Sky Group, a leading international provider of custom solutions in education, food and beverage and wind engineering, with an emphasis on developing, operating and managing community hubs. Before starting his business, he served to Japan’s biggest oil and energy company (current JXTG Energy) at senior strategic planning and project management positions for clean energy and gas-fired or renewable power plants. He is well informed about sustainable development, project finance and Australian affairs. He holds a Bachelor of Law and Master’s Degree in Media and Governance from Tokyo-based Keio University.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities

ESG activities are embedded throughout the operations of Global Sky Group, reflecting our awareness of the critical role that community hubs play in creating liveable communities. Responding to the needs and challenges faced by each community, we strive to enhance their sustainability by leveraging facilities in the community as well as our global human resources, know-how and investment.

E: Environment

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible company, deploying advanced clean technologies and infrastructure throughout our operations, and seeking the highest standard of environmental practices in the communities in which we operate.

Further information on our environmental policy is available via this link.

S: Society

As a responsible corporate citizen operating globally, we are committed to enhancing international understanding and cross-cultural awareness by promoting and training a diverse, multicultural workforce that is reflective of the societies in which we operate. This is key to our goal of ensuring long-term value creation for global communities, with an emphasis on operating multiple community hubs and providing custom solutions.

G: Governance

We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance akin to a publicly listed company. We strive to promote open communication and continuous disclosure towards all stakeholders for the benefit of all.

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Global Sky, Ltd. (Global Sky Group Japan as the holding company in Japan)


Ko Nagata, Managing Director
Koichi Ohtani, Director

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June , 2012

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SMBC Group, MUFG, Mizuho Bank, UBS Bank



Global Sky Group Pty Ltd

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Global Sky Group USA Inc

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