Investor Relations

IR Information

Global Sky Group will further strengthen its corporate governance standards in preparation for listing on a stock exchange. The company will disclose information in a transparent and timely manner to enhance communication, providing long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

Group Management Policy

Global Sky Group strives to create value for global communities based on the company’s ‘CLEAR’ values (Customer-oriented, Long-term view, Ethical, Advanced ideas and Respecting people and nature). This encompasses (1) increasing corporate value for all stakeholders; (2) complying with the laws and regulations in each jurisdiction where it operates; and (3) building an organisational structure that can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the business environment.

In addition, Global Sky Group shall (1) provide strong corporate governance standards and adhere to fair business practices; (2) based on company criteria, withdraw from businesses that have consistent operating losses or risks to their continuation for two successive operating years; (3) gain the trust of all stakeholders through prudent management and business growth, implementing compliance standards that ensure a high level of professional and ethical practice by group executives and employees.

Information Disclosure Policy

Global Sky Group recognises that timely and transparent disclosure of company information is the basis of strong capital markets.

We endeavour to disclose necessary information to all stakeholders including the media in an accurate, fair and timely manner, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The Group operates a system of corporate information disclosure in accordance with the disclosure rules of the relevant stock exchanges in the countries and regions where the Group operates. Disclosure of company information includes the release of business and financial statements, press releases, posts on the website of the Group or Group companies, or a combination of these.

Financial Highlights

Since its establishment in 2012, Global Sky Group has grown through business investment in the education, environmental and food sectors that contribute to sustainable development.

Since 2015, the Group has expanded its operation of educational facilities in the Oceania region.

In the third three-year medium-term business plan starting in 2018, the Group started rebuilding the Group identity, analysing its core competencies and reallocating management resources appropriately. Based on our strength in creating, connecting and cultivating global communities, we have solidified our switch to a business model based on providing experience-based solutions.

Specifically, we will gradually dispose of non-core businesses through capital and business alliances, seeking to develop human resources and leadership centred on the field of education and training, our Group’s core business. We will provide a connected learning experience both online and in the real world. As a result, we will achieve the sales targets of the third medium-term business plan with 2020 as its final year.

In the next medium-term plan, we will strengthen the profitability of our learning centre business by providing creative educational contents to monetise its value. By expanding online and through virtual reality (VR)-based education (including restaurant training provided by group restaurants), we aim to achieve sales of 10 billion yen in 2025.

We will continue to work to enhance corporate value by expanding our business base, for which we seek stakeholders’ continued support.

New Decade Outlook

As we approach the next decade, we have formulated a “New Decade Outlook” that analyses the business environment and business risks surrounding the Group in the next 10 years.

To create the sustainable society that is the basis of our foundation, the Group will plan and develop experience-based solutions that contribute to the growth and internationalisation of people, companies and communities, conducting business development activities as a provider of such creative solutions.

[ Key points ]

  • The global trend of economic growth from increasing population and life expectancy continues, while industrial structures and labour markets are changing drastically due to the globalisation of society and digital transformation (DX), changing consumption structures.

  • Severe climate change, international conflict over the environment and resources, severe food shortages due to natural disasters and pests and the spread of infectious diseases beyond seasonal influenza will stress the Earth and cities’ environmental capacity. Survival and business risks will increase at each location across the globe.

  • While the Group’s business model that provides experience-based solutions will greatly benefit from the online adoption of education and the acceleration of learning style reforms, the operating risks of learning centres and restaurants will increase due to the abovementioned business risks. Supply chain disruptions, disasters, loss of credit etc causing operational disruptions can be expected to affect business continuity planning (BCP).