Global Sky Group’s Japan headquarters relocate to Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo

Global Sky Group announced the relocation of its group headquarters in Japan to Yebisu Garden Place Glass Square, Tokyo, in a measure aimed at strengthening the company’s education and hospitality businesses.

The move aims to facilitate a mobile working environment in its back office department, as well as accelerate 3C (creation, communication and collaboration) among employees and stakeholders in its core service offering.

Global Sky Group’s Managing Director, Ko Nagata said the relocation reflected the changed working environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 has forced a rethink of traditional working practices. Our shift to a new home reflects this change, as it will facilitate employees working both in-house and externally to develop leading-edge education and hospitality solutions,” Mr Nagata said.

Global Sky also will expand its educational service by opening a “Future Learning Mobile Lab” at the new headquarters as a base for the research and development of advanced education.

“With an educational program that combines education, technology and culture with art and design thinking and logic, the learning lab will be a centre of excellence for Global Sky Education, helping to foster creativity for the benefit of clients,” Mr Nagata said.

“We will also implement various multi-tiered functions, including using the lab as a distribution studio to expand online courses.”

Meanwhile, group restaurant ‘South’ located on the top floor of the tower building will focus on providing Australian resort-style dining, while adhering to strict infection control measures.

The restaurant will also serve as a laboratory for the development of recipes and online cooking classes, thereby providing both physical and virtual learning and dining experiences of the highest standard.

“South will not only serve as a leading example of modern, gourmet Australian cuisine but will also play a leading role in the online culinary revolution sweeping Japan and the world in the wake of the coronavirus,” Mr Nagata said.

He added: “The global pandemic has hit education and hospitality businesses hard this year. We would like to thank our customers, employees and suppliers for their continued support, as well as expressing our deepest gratitude to all the medical professionals and others working hard to prevent infection and contain the pandemic.

“Our move to Yebisu Garden Place has created the opportunity for a fresh start for Global Sky Group. We are determined to seize this moment and further enhance our high quality, creative experience-based solutions in the fields of education and hospitality, with a renewed sense of passion and purpose for the benefit of our customers.”

Businesses relocated:

Global Sky Co., Ltd.
Global Sky Education Co., Ltd.
Queensland Business Centre (QBC)

New address: Yebisu Garden Place Glass Square, 4-20-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6090, Japan.

Please contact us via phone on +81-3-6455-7222 or fax on +81-3-6455-7451