Do you want to contribute to the growth and
internationalisation of people, companies and communities?
Do you share our vision of connecting the world for a brighter future?
If so, Global Sky Group is the company for you.

Global Sky Group conducts recruitment activities at each group company. Please contact each company for details such as their application guidelines.


Corporate Culture: Our Values

Our values are based on our strengths as individuals, knowing ourselves and our origins. Using this strength, we seek to engage and communicate with anyone at anytime and anywhere. This stems from the power of harmony, which can flexibly combine different forces.

International people who possess the strength and flexibility of this mindset and who have the ability to objectively view their own country from an outside perspective are key to this vision.

We seek creative people who are in demand globally and who can innovate and improve companies and local communities, while connecting people, companies and communities for a brighter future.

Employment Information

Global Sky, Ltd.
Not recruiting at the current time.
Global Sky Education, Ltd.
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Global Sky Education Group
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Terra, Ltd.
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