Our Story

Global Sky Group is a developer and provider of experience-based solutions
that contribute to the growth and internationalisation of people,
companies and communities under the group philosophy of
“Connecting the world for a brighter future.”

We strive to add value to the global communities in which we operate to
help create a sustainable society.

Leveraging knowledge gained in the fields of education, environment, and hospitality,
Global Sky Group provides new, experience-based solutions with the creativity and
connecting power of multinational, multicultural, and cross-industry teams.

Our solutions have been developed at community hubs, places where people gather
and interact, including our educational facilities and restaurants.

3 Key Strengths

    Experience-based solutions


    Our group provides bespoke high-quality products and services based on the needs of customers. We plan and develop experience-based solutions in the fields of education, environment, and hospitality, accounting for changes in consumer behaviour, while using the power of creativity.

    Global know-how

    Global know-how

    Global Sky provides the solutions necessary for international collaboration and innovation, using the global knowledge and know-how of our multicultural, multinational and cross-industry teams based in Japan, Oceania and North America and our networks with international business partners, based on the power of connection.

    Communities start with people

    Communities start
    with people

    By providing educational and practical training opportunities to local communities and the world, both face-to-face and online, we contribute to the development of human resources with an understanding of diversity, strong practical skills and a love for learning. This is the power of fostering a community where people gather and interact for mutual benefit.


Global Sky Group History

Global Sky, Ltd. was established in 2012 as an investment and consulting company that contributes to sustainable development by conducting business development and investment in the fields of education, environment and food and beverage. Our group motto is “Connecting the world for a brighter future by fostering the global citizens.” Global Sky aims to build community hubs where people gather and interact and has successfully grown its operations through investments in childcare centres, language schools, restaurants and business centres in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Educational expansion

Since 2015, Global Sky Group has expanded its educational business in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania region) through its investments in childcare centres. In the environmental field, Wind Engineering Center Co., Ltd. has earned an unrivalled reputation for excellence, having become Japan’s leading company in the experimental geomodel sector based on its experience in installing and maintaining energy-saving wind tunnels.In food and beverage, Global Sky has developed regional themes allowing customers to experience new food cultures with all five senses through providing the ingredients, wines, cooking methods and styles of Oceania.

New business model

Since 2018, Global Sky Group has worked to develop a group identity, analysing core competencies and redeploying management resources, to form a business model based on the themes of “creating,” “connecting”, and “cultivating communities”. This has resulted in a business model of content provider that produces experience-based solutions for clients in the sector of education and hospitality.Global Sky Group nurtures human resources capable of creating the future and playing an active role internationally, connecting people who can innovate and solve social issues, and fostering global communities where people can gather and interact. Global Sky Education Group leads Learning Transformation (LX) as a global learning experience provider.

Towards a new future

With the dawn of the 2020s, Global Sky Group will formulate a “New Decade Outlook” (10-year plan) and create a sustainable society that is the starting point of this experience-based method that contributes to the growth and internationalisation of people, companies, and communities. We plan, develop, and develop solutions for these communities, based on creativity and innovation. Specifically, in the field of education and training, which is the core business of the group, we will pursue our activities of “creating,” “connecting,” and “cultivating communities” to provide a learning experience that leads to human resource development for all industries. Global Sky’s directly managed learning centres and restaurants will become places for people to learn about various solutions, including learning experiences, and we will promote bold capital and business alliances and collaborations across our group business areas.


Global Sky Group’s services are based on our core strengths of creating,
connecting and cultivating communities