What is the origin of the Global Sky Group company name?
Global Sky Group aims to be a global company that develops businesses that connect the world for a brighter future. Its origins started with the Japan-Australia partnership, but also include the world being connected by the sky and that the blue sky continues forever.
TERRA, which operates our restaurant business, is named for its gratitude for the blessings of the Earth and for Australia’s former name of Terra Australis (Latin for “South Land”).
Why does the company have education and hospitality businesses?
This goes back to the history of the Global Sky Group. Starting with business development and investment in the fields of education, environment, and food, which were its business model at the time of its foundation in 2012, the company aimed to globally develop and operate community hubs where many people gather and interact as the core of each local community.
Since 2019, Global Sky has developed a new business model aimed at providing experience-based solutions, with a focus on the education and hospitality sectors.
In education, which is at the core of our group, we provide learning experiences for training people who can create the future and play an active role internationally, which is one of the strengths of our group. We believe that early learning centres play a major role in the field of education and restaurants play a major role in the field of hospitality, expressing the power of “connecting” and “cultivating” the community.
In the future, we plan to expand not only our education and hospitality businesses, but also enter new fields that provide learning experiences such as engineering and environment-related industries.
Are you an Australian company?
Global Sky Group is a multinational corporation with operations in Japan, Australia and the United States.
Our early learning business in Australia is the largest of any Japanese company, and we are often referred to as an Australian company because of the many Japan-Australia relationships in our businesses.
However, we are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with operations in Japan, Australia and the United States.
Where can I experience the educational and other activities of Global Sky Education?
At Global Sky Education, the programs in our learning design business division are offered mainly in Japan in the form of online training and live lectures for companies, while our early learning business is located in Australia and New Zealand.
You can experience our activities at our directly managed early learning centres. In addition, please stay up to date with our latest activities via our News page.
I would like to contact Global Sky regarding corporate training – what is the process?
First of all, please contact us via the inquiry form of this website (click here).
We will carefully examine your request and advise what kind of training is suitable.
Our training is customised to suit the needs of each individual client, ranging from one-day to longer-term training. We will be happy to provide appropriate recommendations based on your goals and budget.
Are you currently hiring?
Please check the recruitment page of each group company for positions currently available (click here).
Do you hire new graduates?
While we do not have a specific graduate hiring program at the moment, we have hired new graduates in the past based on their understanding and support for the philosophy and business of the Global Sky Group.
I would like to obtain some data from your company.
Please fill out the inquiry form. Please note that while we actively disclose and release information, we may not be able to accept every request depending on its nature and its conformance with our privacy policy.