Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and
ESG (Environmental,Social and Governance)

Global Sky Group’s business is based on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
and ESG (Environment, Society, Governance), reflecting our awareness of the
critical role that community hubs play in creating liveable communities.

Responding to the needs and challenges of each community, we strive to enhance
their sustainability by leveraging local and global human resources, know-how and capital.

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible company, developing human resources who understand sustainability and strive for environmentally friendly lifestyles.
Global Sky contributes to the community’s sustainable development by introducing the world’s most advanced environmental, energy and infrastructure technologies and service models to all our operations. We work to reduce food wastage using environmentally friendly ingredients.

Environmental Philosophy

To create a sustainable society, Global Sky Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) has a group philosophy of “connecting the world for a brighter future,” planning and developing experience-based solutions in the fields of education, environment and hospitality. As a creative group, we will contribute to the revitalisation of local communities and global human resources development. Our community hubs where many people gather and interact are operated as places that embody this philosophy.
Protecting the planet into the future, we aim to develop state-of-the-art environmental and energy technologies and services, maintaining a balance between an abundant global environment (environmental capacity) and human activities (environmental load). To fulfill our responsibilities to society through business activities that are in harmony with the environment, the Group will promote activities based on the following guidelines.

Behavioural guidelines

We will build our own environmental management system, strive for continuous improvement, and practice environmentally friendly methods throughout all our operations.

  • We develop and provide products and services that utilise our ability to provide creative solutions, and pursue harmony with the environment together with our customers.

  • We endeavor to comply with environmental laws and regulations and prevent pollution, while developing activities that facilitate energy conservation, resource recycling, and coexistence with nature.

  • As a member of the community and society, we promote communication that raises environmental awareness with our stakeholders.

  • Society

    With a large number of multicultural employees familiar with different cultures, the Group aims to build a stronger global community, while planning, developing and providing experience-based solutions and community hubs. In addition, we promote healthy management by improving working environments and addressing human rights issues, aiming to support job creation and the safety and security of the community. Furthermore, we strive to develop human resources capable of playing an active role in the world and who contribute to society.

  • Governance

    In addition to strengthening corporate governance for shareholders, we seek to foster improved dialogue that leads to long-term benefits for all stakeholders.