June 2012 Establishment of Global Sky, Ltd.
January 2013 Opening of Queensland Business Centre, Tokyo.
April 2013 Acquisition of Wind Engineering Center Co., Ltd.(currently outside of the group)
January 2014 Entered the early learning business with the acquisition of childcare centres at Gold Coast, Australia.
July 2014 Acquisition of Winetree Co., Ltd.(currently outside of the group)
August 2015 Launch of English conversation school, English classes for children, lecturer training and Australian experience-based business.
December 2015 Kauri Learners Early Education Centre Whitianga opens in Whitianga, New Zealand.
January 2016 Commenced restaurant business with two operations at Sendagaya and Azabu-juban in Tokyo under Terra, Ltd.
April 2016 Established Global Sky Education, Ltd., integrating Japan education businesses.
March 2017 Third early learning centre acquired at Gold Coast, Australia.
July 2017 Acquired four early learning centre at Rockhampton and Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.
August 2017 Australia-themed restaurant “South” opens on the 39th floor of Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo.
September 2017 New Zealand-themed restaurant “Zealander” opens on the fifth floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building, Tokyo.
June 2018 Third childcare centres acquired in Adelaide, increasing the number of Australian early learning centres to 10.
April 2018 Invested in two restaurant development projects in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
July 2018 Learning Lab opens at Kanda, Tokyo.
April 2019 Global Sky Education in Japan renews its business model and corporate identity and transforms into an educational solutions company.
November 2019 Global Sky Education in Japan forms exclusive Japan partnership with EtonX.
March 2020 Wind Engineering Center Co., Ltd. divested to MARKTEC Corporation of Arconix Group; capital and business alliance formed in the education field between the two groups.
April 2020 Global Sky Group becomes a creative group that develops experience-based solutions for clients.
July 2020 Global Sky Education entered into VR learning business officially.
September 2020 Future Learning Mobile Lab opens at Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo.