Our Mission

“Connecting the world
for a brighter future”

Global Sky Group is a developer and provider of experience-based services in the sector of education and hospitality that add values on global communities.
Under the group philosophy of “Connecting the world for a brighter future” we seek to create a sustainable society.


Our Vision

We strive to create value for
global communities,
based on our CLEAR values

Long-term view
Advanced ideas
Respecting people and nature



  • Customer-oriented


  • Long-term view

    Long-term view

  • Ethical


  • Advanced ideas

    Advanced ideas

  • Respecting people and nature

    Respecting people
    and nature

Message from Top Management

“Connecting the world to create a brighter future for people, companies and communities”


To create a sustainable society, Global Sky Group develops and provides experience-based solutions that contribute to the growth and internationalisation of people, companies and communities, based on our group philosophy of “Connecting the world for a brighter future.”

Economic and social structures are being transformed due to changes in globalisation, digitalisation, and consumer behaviour. Under such circumstances, the strengths of the Global Sky Group are its creativity, connectivity, and community development expertise, developed through the work of our multinational, multicultural, and cross-industry team members. We are transforming our company on the basis of “QGC” (quality, global standard and creativity) to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. This requires the creation of high-quality content and technology to ensure the creation of customised services, based on our creative, experience-based solutions.

Specifically, in the field of education and training, which is our core business, we seek to develop global human resources capable of creating the future and playing an active role internationally. We also aim to design and provide online learning experiences suitable to all industries and ages, prepared for global use in both virtual and actual classrooms. In the fields of the environment and engineering, we aim to promote capital and business alliances as part of our focus on developing human resources who can create a sustainable society, friendly to both the environment and people. In hospitality, we seek to provide dining experiences where you can enjoy a rich food culture at our directly managed restaurants, while also training top-quality hospitality workers. We also aim to embody our vision of creating value in communities around the world by forming community hubs where people gather, learn and interact with the educational facilities and restaurants that we operate.

Lastly, our business operates in line with global trends concerning SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environment, Society, Governance), with our group philosophy being to connect the world for a brighter future. Global Sky always respects its CLEAR values (customer-oriented, long-term view, high ethical standards, new ideas, and respect for people and the natural environment) as our core guidelines.

We look forward to your continued support as we work to create a brighter future for all.

Ko Nagata
Global Sky Group Founder and Managing Director