Education and training

Creating growth opportunities through learning experiences

Global Sky Education Group (GSEG) is an educational solution company
that provides learning experiences from infancy through to adulthood,
with our system of “designing learning” based on the concept of learning through play.

We are developing a learning design business in Japan and
Australia and a learning centre business (childcare) centred on Oceania.

Lifelong learning experiences

Global Sky Education supports the growth of knowledge throughout all stages of life through our provision of educational consulting services for companies and educational institutions. This includes support for internationalisation and the outsourcing and implementation of curriculum development.

Offering a differentiated business model that provides lifelong learning experiences, we seek to deepen creative learning methods that achieve creative learning, while also utilising the knowledge of leading educational institutions in various fields.

We place value on the essential learning process that encourages self-actualisation, such as through touching, making, enjoying, collaborating, presenting, and empathising.


Lifelong learning to thrive as a global citizen in the VUCA era


3 mindsets

As a base for learning skills, we focus on cultivating the three mindsets needed for next-generation human resources.

Instead of sticking to one thinking method, such as logical and design thinking depending on the situation, we also encourage artistic thinking, aiming to develop a person capable of playing an active and universal role.


Future learning: 3 key steps

Everyone’s experiences can be turned into living learning, yet this is rarely incorporated into educational programs.

We develop optimal learning methods based on the three stages according to the content, the target person, the goal to be achieved, etc., and finally provide learning by creative learning.


Liberal arts plus technology as material

In creative learning, we utilise various materials such as images, toys, storytelling, programming etc. that give us the opportunity to think and grow.


Learning design business

Planning and developing training and educational curricula
at companies and educational institutions

Global Sky Education provides educational development services for companies and educational institutions, combining the active/creative learning developed in Australia with educational trends unique to Japan.This consulting service designs learning methods to nurture human resources capable of playing an active role even in the unpredictable and uncertain VUCA era. We provide training at companies and educational institutions, including the planning, development and implementation of educational curricula, research on teaching methods, and the provision of training. Global Sky Education uses not only our own content, but also various other content, places and methods as appropriate. In the VUCA era, we seek to develop human resources capable of operating flexibly with a global perspective, with an ability to innovate and solve social issues, and to demonstrate leadership in various industries and organisations.

GSE Learning Lab

Lab 01

Future Learning Mobile Lab

Global Sky Education has established “Future Learning Mobile Lab” (FLML), a research institute that conducts research and distributes information regarding the latest education and teaching methods, based at Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo. FLML is a place to create, connect, learn, transmit and foster a community by creating future-oriented learning. Since it is a research institute that provides and facilitates learning experiences globally and it has a mobile lab function that can be easily transported, it has deliberately been described as “mobile.” As a space that fosters creativity thorough educational, technological and cultural interactions, we aim to combine design with functionality.

Three key functions

  1. Function 1Cutting-edge teaching method research
  2. Function 2Distribution of research results
  3. Function 3Provide teacher training, workshops etc
Main research areas

Global education Research pedagogical methods for global citizenship. This includes developing the “Future Skills” advocated by Eton X, such as the soft skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. Research will be undertaken not only from an overseas viewpoint, but from the internationality inherent in Japanese culture.
Creativity Conduct research on creative education to train human resources, from 0 to 1. Utilise materials such as story creation, digitalisation and theatre to research and develop educational programs to enable learning through creativity.
EdTech Research and development using technology such as Virtual Reality, AI, programming and robotics.
Teacher training Research and develop new teacher training programs essential for future education, such as online VR training, Eton X class utilisation, creative learning, STEAM, data science etc.

Learning centre business

Providing high-level learning, parent-child study abroad programs, and cross-cultural experiences

Global Sky Education’s Early Learning Centre business is a large international operation, with 10 childcare centres in Australia and one in New Zealand. We provide education, childcare, and school lunch services mainly for children aged from six weeks to five years (up to 12 years old at centres that operate after-school). With a vision of providing the highest quality of education and care, we offer a high-quality educational program and educational environment, based on a policy of child-centred learning. Global Sky Education Group has been recognised a leader of providing world-class STEAM educational programmes as well as Reggio Emilia approach.The provision of meals by professional chefs (excluding some centres) is unique to the Global Sky Group and has been welcomed by our customers.In addition, we are actively developing experience-based admission programs (“Hello Kids”) and food education programs for the purpose of accepting childcare interns from Japan, developing cultural knowledge at our directly managed childcare centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Directly managed facilities

Learning Centre 01

Southport Child Care Centre

Located in Southport at Australia’s Gold Coast and operated by Global Sky Group, this flagship childcare centre has been redeveloped for our customers’ benefit. Open Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6pm, this international centre is full of children aged from six weeks to 5 years, not only from Australia but also from the Middle East and Japan.
The occupancy rate was previously sluggish due to its ageing facilities, but it now boasts a high occupancy rate following large-scale renovations of the building and garden undertaken in 2015.
The kitchen has gained a 5-star rating from the Gold Coast City Council and offers health-conscious meals. Our centre has obtained the highest possible standard of “Exceeding.” based on the government’s National Quality Standard for childcare.

190-200 Scarborough Street, Southport, QLD, 4215
105 people
2-story school building (site area 2,627㎡, building area 877㎡), large garden, kitchen (for lunch and educational use), vegetable garden, parking lot, solar power.
Learning Centre 02

Morphett Vale Childcare Centre

Located in Morphet Vale, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia, this childcare centre is hosted in a beautiful Gothic-style church building built in 1856 with octagonal corner buttresses. It was registered as a state heritage asset in 1984.
The former church was redeveloped without destroying the features of this precious building and opened in July 2017 as a state-of-the-art childcare centre. This former place of worship for the local community has now been reborn as a place of education for children, contributing to the local community by providing high-quality education that makes full use of this historical site.

7 William St, Morphett Vale, SA, 5162
75 people
One-story school building (site area 2,100㎡, building area 550㎡), 4 gardens, vegetable garden, parking lot
Learning Centre 03

Taranganba Early Learning Centre

Located in the resort town of Yeppoon on the outskirts of Rockhampton, Australia, this childcare centre is exclusively responsible for early childhood education in the area, along with the Cedar Avenue Early Learning Centre, also operated by Global Sky Group.
The school building with the latest equipment is set on a large site. Global Sky Education has established a Quality Improvement Plan with the aim of achieving the government standard of “Exceeding.” For this purpose, we are reviewing the centre’s educational programs and strengthening collaboration with the community.

83 Taranganba Road, Taroomball, QLD, 4703
191 people
Single-story school building (site area 4,109㎡, building area 695㎡), large garden, kitchen, vegetable garden, parking lot, solar power
Learning Centre 04

Kauri Learners Early Education Centre Whitianga

Located in the resort town of Whitianga on the North Island of New Zealand, this centre has been developed and operated in collaboration with Sunnyside International School (Watanabe Gakuen based in Gifu Prefecture), which was the first in Japan to receive international Baccalaureate certification in the field of early childhood education.
Based on our educational policy, we provide high-quality education that draws on the results of our childcare business in Australia. The centre also has a 1 hectare farm off-campus, and we are developing educational programs based on agricultural experiences and food culture exchanges.

16 South Highway, Whitianga, New Zealand
30 people
Single story building (Site area 845 m2, Building area 195 m2), yard, off-campus farm (Site area 1ha), car park

Overseas global experience program

Learning Experience

Overseas intercultural experience program

Global Sky Education provides an overseas global experience program for the benefit of young children. Called “Hello Kids,” the program provides cross-cultural experiences through enrolling children at an Australian early learning centre operated by our group.
You can enrol your child at a childcare centre for just a single day anytime you wish, so you can use it even during family holidays. This childcare educational program is now being offered online and via VR. Please contact us for further information.

Hello Kids Website