New Year’s Remarks 2024

Here is a summary of the New Year’s remarks given by the managing director of the Global Sky Group, Mr. Ko Nagata, for the group’s staff:

Happy New Year! Firstly, we sincerely offer our condolences to the SE Queensland sever storms affected and to those who have suffered from Noto Peninsula earthquake and Haneda aviation accident.

Global Sky Group, guided by the mission of “Connecting the world for a brighter future,” is committed to building a sustainable society through education, food, and investment businesses. We particularly focus on providing educational and cultural services that foster future creators. This year marks the fourth year of our five-year plan (the 4th medium-term plan) initiated in 2021. Amid uncertainties and increasing climate impacts, we will continue initiatives aligned with the basic principles of the five-year plan and actively explore collaborations and capital partnerships.

Global Sky Education Group, involved in the education sector, aims to be a leader of international cutting-edge early childhood education, strengthening its financial foundation through qualitative improvements. Specific efforts include expanding world-class education programs based on “Learning through Play” (including STEAM), facility renovations for “Play & Learn in Nature,” and increasing the intake of the Hello Kids program (parent-child study abroad, short-term childcare experience) along with the full-scale operation of the Global Career Pathway program (study abroad plus placement support).

Terra, our food business, aims to transition into a food company conveying Oceania’s food culture to Japan, considering consumer behaviors seeking purposeful dining and specialty shops. Under the theme “Experience Australia and New Zealand (ExpANZ),” Terra will focus on providing high customer satisfaction in food services, developing products leveraging close relationships with Oceania, and expanding catering through Long Table to strengthen customer base and enhance productivity for revenue growth.

In the investment and consulting sector, we will continue international diversified investments benefiting from population growth and accelerate the composition of investment projects in both Japan and Australia (especially in education, food, and tourism).

We request everyone to continue pursuing excellence, creativity, and a balance between maximizing revenue (customer satisfaction) and minimizing expenses (productivity). We believe these efforts will contribute to strengthening profitability and expanding our customer base.

Finally, considering risk factors such as rising interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical tensions during an election year, let us approach this year as the year of the rising dragon. Wishing you and your families health and continued leaps in the coming year.

Thank you.