New Year’s Remarks 2023

Here is a summary of the New Year’s remarks given by the managing director of the Global Sky Group, Mr. Ko Nagata, for the group’s staff:

Happy New Year! In the ongoing challenges posed by the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I express my sincere gratitude to everyone diligently engaged in smooth business operations.

Global Sky Group with the mission of “Connecting the world to a brighter future” enters the 11th business year. Looking back at the last 10 years, we have invested in education, food, and environmental sectors, expanding labor-intensive services and experiencing growth. Through the challenges of the pandemic, we have reconfirmed that the value we create lies in “connecting people to people.” Therefore, we have strengthened our knowledge-intensive investment consulting business, focusing on providing global “investment opportunities,” particularly centred around Japan and Australia. Leveraging our established human network, we aim to formulate investment and collaboration projects with a team knowledgeable about the Japanese and Australian markets, emphasising “Japanese talent and technology, Australian field, and Asian market expansion.”

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, inflation, emphasis on SDGs and ESG, and digitalization, this year marks the third year of our five-year plan (the 4th medium-term management plan) initiated in 2021. Our fundamental principles remain unchanged. In the short term, our education business will solidify its financial foundation through further qualitative improvements, while the food business will enhance customer satisfaction and productivity, actively seeking partnerships with operationally proficient companies. Recognising the growing importance of human capital management, we will continue our efforts in “developing talent” that contribute to the improvement of corporate value and growth, fostering an environment for individuals to develop the “power to pioneer the future.”

Next, I will outline the initiatives of each business:

Global Sky Education Group: Aiming to be a global leader in cutting-edge early childhood education, we will focus on (1) expanding world-standard education programs based on “Learning through Play,” (2) renovating facilities to realise “Play & Learn in Nature,” and (3) increasing revenue through the expansion of the Hello Kids program, which involves parent-child study abroad and short-term childcare experience.

Terra Group: In the food business, Terra aims to transition into a food company conveying Oceania’s food culture to Japan. Specifically, we will (1) provide high customer satisfaction in food services, (2) develop products leveraging a close relationship with Oceania, and (3) enhance customer base through “Experience Australia and New Zealand (ExpANZ)” activities, promoting resources like food, wine, bush tucker, Aboriginal art, and tourism.

Moving forward, the investment consulting business will organise teams to support the entry of Japanese and/or Australian businesses in various sectors such as education, food (agriculture, forestry, fisheries), tourism, consumer goods, and retail.

Conscious of the gathering of information in places where people gather, we will strive for the continual improvement of the quality and brand value of the services provided by our group’s operating bases. I earnestly request each of you to make our operating bases a place you would want to visit regularly. I believe this pursuit will contribute to the strengthening of profitability and the expansion of our customer base.

In conclusion, while keeping an eye on the ongoing pandemic and the risk factors of inflation and high raw material costs, let’s embrace the Year of the Rabbit and make it a year of leaps and bounds together. Wishing you and your families health and continued leaps in the coming year.

Thank you.